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How to Install Android Oreo 8.0 on Redmi 1S | Unofficial LineageOS 15 ROM

Hi folks, This is really a great news for those people out there who owned Redmi 1S because the latest version of Android OS  i.e Android Oreo 8.0 is now available for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Thanks to the developer who build this ROM on LineageOS 15 (unofficial) based on Android Oreo 8.0.Follow this guide to know how to install Android Oreo 8.0 on Redmi 1S.
[Video Tutorial]
ROM InformationName : LineageOS 15.0Type : UnofficialBuild : Nightly
What's Working BootsRIL (Call and SMS)Wi-FiAudio (Record and Playback)Video PlaybackGPSLedSensorsMobile DataBluetooth (just on and off works)Audio on headset Fixed Not Working Camera and Flash
Download Links Original Thread : ... 5-0-armani-t3673773
Adb Setup :
TWRP Recovery :
Firmware :
Gapps :…

New Text Status Feature is Added to WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp’s upcoming feature “New Text Status” which will allow users to send “Text status” in addition to media statuses.WhatsApp is testing a new feature called “New Text Satus” and it will allow users to post text statuses. Now you have the option to post text status in addition to photos and videos in WhatsApp status. The feature is under testing and might be release soon. It can be accessible from the status tab of WhatsApp you just need to tap on three dots present at top right corner.
You can customize your text status with several options like you can change its background color, font, style and also add emojis to make it more attractive. It will also be possible to reply to text statuses, as it’s happening with media statuses.

Text status will also be valid for 24 hours as it’s happening with media statuses. Some people are already using this feature before its public release. The feature is present in latest WhatsApp beta version but it is disabled by default of we can say it’s…

How to Post a Long Video in WhatsApp Status

Hi Folks,
Today I am going to tell you a very usefull trick that blow your mind. As you know you cannot post a video more than 30 seconds in your whatsapp status and if you want to post a long video whatsapp trim it to 30 seconds. So in this thread you will find a way to fix it and you will be then able to post a long video more than 30 seconds in your whatsapp status.
I am not telling you to post a full movie but atleast like 4 or 5 minutes video to post in your whatsapp status. So let's get started :-

Note: This trick only works for Phones with ROOT permissions. ROOT is must to use this trick

Step 1. Download and Install WA Tweaks
Step 2. Open WA Tweaks and go to its Menu Step 3. Select "WhatsApp Tweaks" option from the Menu Step 4. Put check on the 4th Checkbox "Bypass 30'' video limit for status" and press the "SAVE" button
Step 5. Go to Phone Settings -> Installed Apps and Browse WhatsApp and Force Stop it so the c…

How to Install LineageOS 14.1 on Redmi 1S | Official Android Nougat 7.1.1 ROM

Prerequisite1. TWRP Recovery Installed. Don't know how to Install TWRP ? Check this Post
2. Download LineageOS ROM Package Here
3. Download Gapps Package (Pico) Here
4. Download Firmware Package Here
5. Download SU (arm) addon if you want ROOT (Optional) Here or Direct

Video Tutorial
How to Install LineageOS1. Place LineageOS ROM Package and Gapps Package in external SD card
2. Boot your device in Recovery Mode by doing (Press and Hold Volume Up button + Power button simultaneously)
3. In TWRP recovery you will see some options Tap on "Wipe" button
4. Now place ticks on Wipe data, Dalvik cache, System cache and Internal storage(For clean installation) and proceed. After that go back to main menu of TWRP recovery by pressing the back button.
5. Now Tap on Install option and select the location to external SD card. 6. Now browse for all the packages like (ROM, Gapps, Firmware and SU addon) 7. Select and Install these packages one by one. After you flash last package Tap on Wipe Cache …

How to Install Custom Recovery (TWRP) on Xiaomi Redmi 1S

There are two methods by which you can install TWRP recovery on your Redmi 1SFirst Method : Through Command Prompt (CMD) on PCFor this method you have to install ADB drivers for Redmi 1S on your PC
Download ADB drivers here : Link 1 or Link 2

After you successfully installed ADB drivers follow the steps below:

1. Download TWRP Recovery from Here (Download the Latest one)
2. Turn your phone in Fastboot mode by pressing power key + volume down key simultaneously.
3. Now Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable When successfully connected it will show in notification panel of your PC 4. Go to the path on PC where the recovery is downloaded or saved 5. Press Shift + Right Click simultaneously a you will see "Open command window here" option click on it, a command window will open
6. Type the command "fastboot flash recovery filename.img". Replace the "filename.img" with the name of TWRP recovery file downloaded and hit Enter Example: E:> fasboot f…

10 Tips To Get The Most Life From Your Battery

Hi folks,

Today I am going to give you some tips to increase your smartphone's battery life. You have noticed that when you purchase a new phone its battery backup is good but after some time like 1 or 2 years battery becoming worst and worst and a point come when your battery can't give sufficient backup that full fill your needs. Then you go for buy a new battery or new smartphone, read this article it will help you to get the most life from your battery.

Let's start with the first tip

Tip 1. Use the power adapter that came with your device.

Charge your smartphone with the original charger/adapter that came along with your smartphone. Other power adapters and chargers can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery.

Tip 2. Avoid situations where your device can overheat.

Your battery will drain much faster when it's hot, even if you're not using it. This kind of drain can damage your battery.
Your device warms up when it's plugged in, so don’t keep …

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise Offer Discontinued On TRAI Advice

Jio Summer Surprise Offer Discontinued.Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised Jio to  withdraw their Reliance Jio Summer Surprise offer with 3 months benefits. Jio has accepted this decision and is in the process of complying with the regulatory. Jio announced the summer surprise offer on 31 March 2017 in which one can get the 3 months free extra benefits besides the recharge plan. One can avail the summer surprise offer by getting Jio prime membership (99 INR) alongwith a minimum of 303 INR recharge plan.

But now the offer discontinued as said by Reliance Jio official twitter handle :

WhatsApp Added Google Gboard GIF Support

Hi folks,
In WhatsApp latest beta version 2.17.128 update you will find that WhatsApp now supports Google's keyboard app "Gboard" GIFs collection to share with your chats. Earlier WhatsApp introduced a dedicated GIFs button within and alongside smile button by which one can browse and search for a particular category of GIF image from a very big collection provided by Giphy.

But now one can use Gboard to send GIFs and it have a bigger collection of GIFs than WhatsApp because Gboard collects the images from many sources including Giphy.

Anyone can use this feature having WhatsApp latest beta version 2.17.128. If you are not familiar with WhatsApp beta and don't know how to install watch the video below.

Secure Your WhatsApp Account | Enable Two Step Verification Now

Hi Folks,

Welcome to this thread, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger used by billions of people around the globe so its security is must. There was a loophole to break whatsapp security and hack someone's account and that was "If you have someone's mobile phone then you can install his whatsapp account by just entering the OTP code sent to his mobile phone while setting up whatsapp account to your phone" so the two phones can access same account but not the same time. WhatsApp was fixing that issue by confirming again and again through OTP but that was not the complete solution. But now whatsapp introduces a feature to permanently fix that loophole and secure whatsapp accounts.

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification feature let you set a 6 digit Passcode (Numeric) to your account. So when you reconfigure whatsapp to your phone or someone wants to setup your account then WhatsApp ask to enter that passcode that only you knows. I will be showing how this feature works and ho…

[Tips & Tutorial] WhatsApp New Feature "Pin Chat" Now You Can Pin Any Chat at Top

Hi Folks,
WhatsApp working on a new feature called "Pin Chats" and may release it soon. This feature allows you to pin any chat at top. It's now easy to find some important chats from the list. Pin you most favorite chats at top and no need to search or browse a perticular chat pin it at top. The feature is under development and it is available in beta version but hidden.
So I am going to tell you how to enable it or unhide it from WhatsApp beta (2.17.110 +), Follow the steps below:

Important : Make sure you have a rooted device if you not rooted your phone then root it first (Search the forum for rooting guide).

Step 1. Download and Install WA Tweaks app
WA Tweaks :

Step 2. Make sure you give the root permission to WA Tweaks
[Video Tutorial]

Step 3. Open WA Tweaks and enable "Enable Pinned Chats" option
Step 5. Now Force stop whatsapp once after applying these changes (Important else changes will not apply)

Step 6. Open WhatsApp and you …

[Tips & Tutorial] How to Change DNS Server on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Hi Folks,

What is DNS, did you heard this term before, let's start with starting. So DNS is Domain Name System and it converts website address which is its IP address the path where the website resides on the server. For example "" = "" if you type this IP address in browser's url bar you you would reach "". For "" = "" but as you can see these are the numbers. So its very hard to remember these numbers for so many websites. DNS helps these numbers to give a name, DNS have a table for these numbers and their names. When you type a URL in the address bar and hit enter it first go to DNS server and ask for the IP address and then revert back to you. Website address to IP address conversion takes few seconds if the DNS is fast but it takes too long if DNS server is not so good.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you a default DNS server and it may not be too good. Th…

[Tips & Tutorial] How to Share Files Between Two Phones Through FTP

Hi Folks,
Today I am going to show you a very Interesting trick you might love it. And I am sure you were not know about this awesome trick before. Today I will show you how to share files between two android phones through FTP.
We all share files with our friends with Shareit, Xander or other file sharing apps. But the problem is that we both must have the same app else we can't receive or send files to each other. You might gone through when you have Shareit and your friend have Xander and both wants to share files. The solution was either you install Xander or he install Shareit then you can share files.
So if I will tell you that, you don't need an app to share files you obviously get excited to know that trick. Ok let me tell you this can happen through FTP.

Follow the steps below :

Step 1 : First you need to do is, turn ON wifi hotspot in first phone and connect second phone to its wifi hotspot.

Step 2 : Now go to the File Manager and turn ON FTP server on second phone.

Step 3 …

[Tips & Tutorial] How to Enable “Documents” App On MIUI 8 Android KitKat 4.4.4

Hi Folks,
Today I am going to show you how you can enable Documents app on MIUI 8 running on Android kitkat 4.4.4. Document app is disabled by default and thus you can't use the print feature of your phone. As If you want to print a document or you want to save it as PDF this app needs to be enabled. In this guide I will show you how to enable it.
First thing you have to root your phone if not already done after that follow the steps below :
Step 1. Download and Install "Titanium Backup"
Step 2. Go to Permission Manager and give root access to "Titanium Backup"
Step 3. Now open "Titanium Backup" and go to "Backup/Restore" Tab
Step 4. Browse the "Documents" app from the list and tap on it
Step 5. Now press the "Defrost" button. All Done!
Note : You have to "Defrost" the Documents app every time you reboot your phone.

[Tutorial Video]

[Tips & Tutorial] How To Unlock Hidden Features Of WhatsApp Before It Goes For Public

Hi Folks,

In this guide I am going to write the steps of a trick that unlocks Hidden featues of WhatsApp. As you know WhatsApp is a very popular messenger all over the world and it gives you some new features day to day. They release the Stable version of the app for all users as well as Beta version of the app for some beta testers who joined the WhatsApp beta program. You might be a beta tester and if you are not then you can join easily, what you need to do is just click here and you will be redirected to the WhatsApp's beta testing program joining page.
Let me explain something to you, WhatsApp Beta version app contains all the new features but they are hidden or disabled by default. It can only be enabled by some snippet of codes and only WhatsApp developers who actually oppointed to test the build know the codes to enable the hidden features. So, all the Beta testers not get these hidden features untill the developers enabled these features for beta testers. So basically Whats…